Get ready. You will be reading a lot in this program.

There are about 4500 English sentences in this program and all of them have been translated to your language. That's a lot of reading material.

The translation makes the understanding of the explanations very easy and you also have the option to learn some English when you compare them with the original English text.

There are the "Hide" buttons in the bottom of the pages. By clicking on them you can hide the text in any of the two languages, so you can read the text either entirely in English or in your language.

So far these functions are pretty cool already, but here is a twist for you.

In the first few lessons we have put a word for word translation to the English sentences.

Word for word translation image

Most of the time it looks terrible in any language. You might even say "it is weird, it doesn't make any sense, I hate the whole thing, etc.".

Here is a psychological fact: people tend to better remember weird things than ordinary ones, so if the word for word translation is weird and irritating, then it is perfect.

This way you will unconsciously memorise how an English sentence is structured, where the fundamental differences are between English and your language, etc.

It also helps you learn words just by comparing the words in the English and the translated sentences.