You can listen to every chapter in different English accents.

Five accents

We use ordinary everyday people as speakers instead of actors, because TV presenters and actors are really easy to understand, so if you learn their accent and the way they speak, you might be struggling to understand people on the street.

Every chapter has an option to play a bilingual audio, in which every English sentence is followed by its translated foreign language sentence spoken by a native person.

Play all chapters

This way you will learn English by just simply listening to these audio files.

You can listen to the audio
- while you are travelling, for example on the train or bus, in your car through the car radio
- while you are cooking or doing dishes
- while exercising,
so almost anywhere, anytime.


If you are listening to it in your car,
you can also use the radio's remote control functions to start, stop, play previous or next.

(1, if your car has such capabilities; 2, Bluetooth connection is required).


Bluetooth remote instructions